Hurdle Is No More A Hurdle For Speed

Hurdle Is No More A Hurdle For Speed

When we say  speed, quick and speed like a lightening, after saying all this we have no other excuse to justify a slow down; not in our life not in in our profession and for a motorcycle don’t even think about it; it will be sin. Speed knows no limits and legends knew that modern generation would not want to see anything stoppable. On a smooth highway it is very easy to hit 200 mph. on speedometer but if you are given a muddy road, stones, uneven surface and all how would you manage to burn the speedometer? 

The answer of all the confusion and query is a mud bike/dirt bike or in simple words husqvarna motorcycles parts accessories. Till 1977 dirt bikes become a serious business, people came to know about a certain class of racers who love to race on an uneven difficult situation or track, this was actually the revolutionary era for bikers and for manufacturer a mine of gold. And 1977 was the time when Sweden’s largest corporations Electrolux, bought Husqvarna Motorcycles. 

The turning point in the life of a dirt bike was, when husqvarna motorcycles made a new style 500 scc 4 stroke model in 1983 and it was an amazing discovery in itself, it set a new benchmark contains features like: lightweight, easy handling and air cooled off roader a look up to bike for all the bikers of new generation. Like mentioned before dirtbikes are made to tackle uneven bad surface with speed (sound so impossible) but the overall structure of a dirt bike can be explained in a layman way like: a tall bike, with thin tires as compared to a superbike or motoGP bikes, a wide gap between mud trails and tires, sometimes rubber spiked tires and sometimes sharp engraved tires (for extra ordinary grip). This gap between the tires and mud trails are designed to give speed without any hindrance, mud can no more stuck in between which allows a complete crazy rotation of the tires. A very well explained example of what we were talking about before is ‘Husaberg’ a composed devil bike which can handle any surface. 

In addition to this, people usually refer these bikes as ‘stuntbikes’ why? Have you seen Hollywood movies, what motorbikes they actually use? While jumping off the road or trying to maintain the speed with the train on a train track, or trying to ride a bike above the train? All these are stuntbikes aka dirtbikes. The structure, the make, the strength, the tall body and thin tires make it the first choice for any or every crazy stuntbiker. It’s an addiction to race on a mud track or to stunt like Jackie chan on a bike, it’s no more impossible in modern era where people just dream and have it (because someone out there is already making it). Husqvarna motorcycles is the pioneer in this field, they have broken the barriers and have entered in the revolutionary crazy era of speed.